Arrowhead Lodge History as Told by Larry Lowe


My father was John Lowe Jr. Who purchased what is now known as Arrowhead Lodge in the Big Horns in the late 1940's. It's prior owner name was Burt Bondi, and at the time of purchase, was known as Bondi's camp.

My Grand-dad, John Lowe Sr., owned a general trading post in North Central Nebraska during the time my dad grew up. It was in the sand hills near the reservation. My father started collecting Native American arrowheads off the Nebraska sand hills when he was 7 years old.

By the time he moved to Sheridan and purchased Bondi's camp, he had amassed a size-able collection of authentic Native American arrowheads, drills, knives and scrapers which was his life's passion. As a result, he elected to change the name of Bonndi's Camp to Arrowhead Lodge; and during his tenure, the arrowhead collection was prominently displayed on the walls of the main Lodge building; which, sadly, has burned.


My dad passed some years back and my brother and I had elected to put his collection up for auction. The auction contained the full 128 piece framed collection and I watched my father personally build a custom set of frames and carefully re-frame all of them in the 1960's. In 1967, my mother moved to Mesa, Arizona, where the collection was set up and stored in the basement of her home. The collection has been in tact and out of public view for over four decades.

(We at Arrowhead lodge sincerely hope that some of the framed pieces find their way back home)

My father used to love telling the story about the time Game Warden Jack Reavis shot the light bulbs out of their sockets with his 30.06 rifle from the highway...




As the new owners - Jared and Petie Severson; we intend on restoring the grounds and Lodge to their former glory. We want to put the history and heritage back into the Lodge and make it a fun, thriving, mid-mountain oasis for our customers.