Bighorn National Forest


From June 1 through September 10, camping in any area in the Bighorn National Forest is limited to 14 days at the same location. After 14 days, you must move at least five air miles and not return to the original site for 14 days. The stay limit applies until October 10 in the Bald Mountain Campground in the Medicine Wheel Ranger District.

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Motor Vehicles

Motorized vehicle travel is allowed only on designated trails throughout the Bighorn National Forest. Please know the regulations and practice "Leave No Trace." OHVs are restricted to 50" at the widest point and must stay on the main trail. Remember: Within campgrounds and other recreation sites, use cars, motorcycles, or other motor vehicles only for entering or leaving.

All ORV’s must display a current Wyoming ORV Registration Decal.

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Passes & Permits

There is no entrance fee for Bighorn National Forest. Fees may be charged and permits required for certain activities and uses, such as camping in developed campgrounds. Fees are used to help maintain and improve the amenities you enjoy.

Permits are required for some individual and commercial activities that occur on National Forest System lands. Business permit holders, such as campground concessions and outfitters/guides, may provide services to public land users.

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All anglers must have a current fishing license registered in the state of Wyoming except for those aged 14 or younger. Certain areas in the Bighorns do have catch limits and are catch and release only. Download the regulations with the link below.

Regulations Brochure


Come spend a hot summer day on the water on the Bighorn National Forest. With the exception of Meadowlark Lake, boating is limited to non-motorized watercraft. Any boat with a motor or sail operated on public waters must be registered with Wyoming Game and Fish Commission.

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The Bighorn National Forest offers 387 miles of snowmobile trails.

Wyoming law requires that all snowmobiles have either a resident or nonresident user fee decal adhered to the machine.

The snowmobile season begins on November 15th and there must be at least 6 inches of snow.

Our snowmobile trail system is maintained through cooperative efforts of the Wyoming Dept of State Parks, the Bighorn National Forest and local snowmobile clubs.

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Wilderness Area

In 1984, Congress passed the Wyoming Wilderness Act, which designated the Cloud Peak Wilderness in the Bighorn National Forest. Long recognized as having some of the most majestic alpine scenery in America, this region was managed as the Cloud Peak Primitive Area as far back as 1932. For 27 miles along the spine of the Bighorn Mountain Range, the 189,039 acre Cloud Peak Wilderness preserves many sharp summits and towering sheer rock faces standing above glacier-carved, U-shaped valleys.

All hikers and users of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area must register prior to entering. Trailheads entering the wilderness area contain registration boxes.

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These regulations cover various aspects of general hunting rules that pertain to big game, trophy game, game bird and small game hunting. Several species specific rules are included within individual regulations for big game, trophy game, game bird and small game hunting.

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